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Tabor Melwood

 Practitioner – CP (c)
Certified Prosthetist

Tabor initially started working as a prosthetic technician and was captivated by the outlook of the patients he met; their perspective in general, and their ability to overcome obstacles. After beginning his education in biochemistry, Tabor completed his clinical schooling at BCIT and finished his residency at Colman Prosthetics and Orthotics where he has been since.

Matt Menard

Practitioner – CPO (c)

Certified Prosthetist, Orthotist

After completing his Bachelor of Science degree from UofC, Matt graduated with honours from the prosthetics and orthotics program at BCIT and joined Colman as a Resident Orthotist. Matt is now a Certified Orthotist and Certified Prosthetist. Outside of work, Matt enjoys woodworking and spending time with his family.

Candice Jay

Practitioner – CP (c)

Certified Prosthetist

Candice is a graduate from the George Brown College P&O program. Candice’s attention to detail is something that does not go unnoticed by colleagues and patients alike. Outside of work, Candice enjoys being active, travelling, and spending time with her dog.

Rachel Rudolf 

M.Sc. CP(c)

Certified Prosthetist

Rachel recently completed her Master of Science in Rehabilitation Sciences from McMaster University and is currently completing her Prosthetic Residency at Colman. Rachel is passionate about advancements in P&O technology and research. Rachel enjoys taking her cats on outdoor adventures and has a love for skiing, hiking, and all sports.

Ross Mackenzie

Technician – RTPO (c)

Registered Technician Prosthetic, Orthotic

With his 35+ years of continued hands-on experience as a Prosthetic and Orthotic Technician; Ross is one of the most valuable assets of the Colman Team. Aside from his dedication to Colman, Ross enjoys spending time with his family, renovating his home, fishing, and riding his bike.

Najib Rubio

Technician – RTP (c)

Registered Technician Prosthetic

Najib is ambitious and has a strong work ethic. He specializes in fabricating Rotationplasty devices. Najib enjoys working as part of a team and finds satisfaction in the detailed work of designing a custom prosthesis. Najib is an accomplished entrepreneur outside of Colman and loves to travel and spend time with his family.

Ben Norris

Apprentice Technician Internship

Ben is valued for his dedication to Colman and his strong work ethic. Ben is excelling in his internship and we are very happy to have him in our shop. Ben spends his summers cycling and dirt biking, and his winters skiing and snowmobiling.


Mark Baumgartner

Practitioner – CO (c)

Certified Orthotist

Mark has been with Colman for several years as a partner in the orthotics discipline. Mark studied clinical neuroscience before becoming intrigued by the creativity involved in orthotics. Approaching an injury with design and creativity in mind has helped Mark become a well-known expert in orthotics.

Ken Laidlaw

Practitioner – CO (c)
Certified Orthotist

Ken is a Calgary native who joined Colman in 1994 after studying at British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). Ken’s favorite thing about Colman is the diversity among its employees – each practitioner has a unique offering in order to deliver the best service to our patients.

Melissa Church

Practitioner – CO (c)

Certified Orthotist

Melissa specializes in paediatric orthotic care but enjoys working with all patient populations. She primarily worked in paediatrics during her orthotics residency and completed a placement at a children’s rehabilitation hospital in Toronto. Melissa keeps us up to date with pop-culture gossip and loves sports and enjoys travelling.

Jelveh Jalali

B.Sc. (Eng) CO(c)

Certified Orthotist

Jelveh started her Orthotic career in Winnipeg but has decided to call Calgary home. Jelveh has been with Colman since 2019 and enjoys working with the diverse range of orthotic patients and devices. Jelveh is proficient in 2 languages, enjoys travelling and loves hiking.

Judy Mair BSc OT

Children’s Headshape Clinic

Paediatric Occupational Therapist

Judy has worked as a pediatric occupational therapist for 40 + years at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. For the past 15 years she has been a leader in the clinical side of the headshape clinic. In her spare time she likes to ski and spend as much time as she can with her numerous grandchildren.

Stacey Brown

Practitioner – CO (c)
Certified Orthotist

Stacey started with Colman in May 2014, and specializes in children’s orthotics. When she’s not in the office, Stacey enjoys walking her dogs, skiing, and spending time with family.

Tony Hoang

Technician Orthotic

Tony has been with Colman for over 20 years and is the behind the scenes guy who ensures our patients have the perfect fit. His passions outside of work include traveling and cooking gourmet meals.

Isabella, BSc.

Apprentice Technician Internship

Bella primarily focuses on Orthotic fabrication however she also dabbles in our social media and shipping and receiving. Bella looks forward to a long career in the O&P profession and we are excited to support her the rest of the way. Bella has great fashion sense, is a great baker and enjoys Zumba fitness classes.



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