The best daily care routines for your prosthetics.


Daily Care

The care of your skin, prosthetic socket, liner and socks is a vital part of your daily routine. Maintaining good hygiene will also help avoid any issues, like skin irritations.

Check your skin at the end of every day – use a mirror if needed – any redness should then dissipate. Also, If you have any concerns please contact your prosthetist, therapist or doctor. We can also help make your prosthetic more comfortable. Sometimes the smallest adjustments make all the difference.

Daily Care and Cleaning

Skin Hygiene

Your daily skincare must also include cleaning with a gentle, scent-free soap. Also, be sure to rinse well, and pat dry.

The Socket

Firstly, wipe the inner surface of the prosthetic socket clean with a warm, soapy cloth every day. Then, rinse well and make sure to remove all the soap residue – a warm, wet cloth works best, dry with a towel. The skin, socket, liner and also socks must be completely dry.

If you are using a myoelectric prosthesis and need more information on care or cleaning, then please call and make an appointment with your prosthetist. Importantly, it requires a very specific cleaning regimen as the electronics cannot get wet.

The Sock

Socks come in various lengths, widths and also thicknesses. Wash the sock with warm water by hand or also by machine. To dry, lay socks flat or can use a dryer also.

If you’re required to wear socks with your prosthesis, we will then give you the appropriate ones at your fitting. You will also need to replace the socks over time as they wear out. You may be eligible for coverage for new socks, through MDL. Make an appointment to see your prosthetist if you need or want more socks.

The Liner

A liner is made out of a variety of materials including silicone, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) or polyurethane (PUR). Your prosthetist will explain which type of liner will work best for you and also can answer any questions you might have.

A liner is worn directly on the skin and absorbs any sweat, bacteria and also moisture. This is normal, and it is also very important to then wash the liner every day.


Daily Cleaning Routine

  • turn the liner inside out so the fabric is on the inside, and then place your hand inside
  • run water over the liner – avoid getting the fabric wet as much as possible also
  • then, rub a gentle, unscented soap over the entire gel surface of the liner
  • rinse well, and also make sure you get off all soap by holding the liner under warm running water
  • then, turn the liner right side (fabric side) OUT for drying
  • always store liners with the fabric on the outside to prevent cracking or alsocollecting dust/airborne particles

Prosthetic care diagram

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