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Pediatric Prosthetics


Pediatric Orthotics

We have a team of highly trained clinicians who specialize in pediatric care. Your child’s well-being is our highest priority and we work with families to provide comprehensive treatment in order to achieve the best outcomes possible. Our in-house laboratory allows us to fabricate custom devices for a wide variety of ages and health conditions in order to meet your child’s needs.

Types of Pediatric Orthotics:

  • Custom or off the shelf foot orthotics

  • Custom internal or external shoe raises

  • Supra-malleolar orthoses (SMOs)

  • Ankle foot orthoses (AFOs)

  • Knee ankle foot orthoses (KAFOs)

  • Knee braces (Ligament braces, patellofemoral braces, jumper’s knee braces)

  • Wrist hand orthoses (WHOs)

  • Elbow orthoses (Elbow orthoses)

  • Shoulder stabilizing orthoses


What to expect:

What we have currently all applies to pediatric populations.

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We strive to make each appointment enjoyable and have designated pediatric rooms with toys and games available to enjoy while you may be waiting.


Benjamin is one of our pediatric prosthetic patients at Colman and has been with us since his first prosthetic device.

A special children's room.


Your First Visit

Please plan to come 10-15 minutes before your appointment time to complete necessary forms. Want to save time? Print and complete the form below.

Meeting your Specialist

We are here to make this process as easy and comfortable as possible.

The initial assessment allows for a thorough evaluation of needs and discussion, questions and reviewing expectations.

For the initial prosthetic assessment and to allow for the possibility of taking a cast, please wear loose fitting comfortable clothes, shorts or short sleeves as appropriate.

For the initial orthotics assessment we may need to measure, cast or use 3D-scanning to customize your fit and maximize comfort, please dress comfortably and bring shorts.

After the initial assessment, a follow-up appointment will be arranged to customize your prosthesis / orthotic for optimal comfort and function.

We are always available if you have any questions.


There may be options to help you cover the cost of your orthotics. Please feel free to ask at your appointment.

For prosthetics there are a couple of options to help you cover the cost of your every day prosthesis, such as Alberta Aids to Daily Living program and Champs.

Giving you back your freedom and independence.


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