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We have a solution for every body.

Together with our partners, we offer complete solutions, whatever your needs.


Whatever your needs, our experienced and skilled team will design and fabricate a custom limb solution that is exactly the way you want it, that will maximize your mobility – upper limb socket, custom liners, passive cosmetic or full-functioning powered options for fingers, partial hand, elbow and wrist disarticulation, above and below elbow, elbow disarticulation and partial or complete shoulder disarticulation.

Depending on your activities, we fit for function, comfort and optimal performance, with no extra charge for things like smooth brim edges, alignment transfer or even a foam carving.

Colman provides flexible, custom solutions and great service. Make an appointment today and explore your options. With our inhouse lab and clinic, working hand-in-hand with our partners and suppliers, we guarantee your satisfaction. You’ll love your new mobility.

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