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Colman Prosthetics & Orthotics giving you the best.


Colman Prosthetics & Orthotics is a top notch clinic serving Calgary and Alberta for over 30 years.  Colman is a custom clinic, ensuring every individual gets just the right fit, giving you the freedom of movement so you can keep up with life.

Our prosthetic staff specializes in fabricating upper and lower extremity prosthetic limbs for every size and shape. We are also happy to include your own personalization, making every prosthesis unique.

On the orthotic side of things, our orthotic technicians and Canadian Board certified orthotists create custom-made foot orthotics, as well as custom bracing for every need and activity, including bracing from head to foot.


We fabricate and service both upper and lower extremity  prosthetics for all ages, custom fitting you for your comfort and freedom of movement. Custom limbs for specific activities are also available.


Did you know that Colman P&O will measure your feet to make custom made foot orthortics for your favorite shoes? Custom foot orthotics can help relieve years of foot, knee & back pain. Walking, running & hiking can now be pain free!


We provide custom bracing for both acute injuries, as well as post surgery & the rehabilitation process. Braces can also help with pain that you have been suffering with for years. This includes neck, back, arm and wrist, as well knee & foot.


Colman P&O will grow with your child. We are passionate about providing prosthetic limbs or bracing to suite every activity and need. They can also have their favorite sports team or superhero attached for a fun personalized twist!

Two locations for your convenience…


Easy parking & wheelchair access.