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Colman prosthetics – custom made, onsite lab, full range of products including solutions for daily living and sports.



Colman foot orthotics for those living with injury or arthritis – increase your comfort, mobility and quality of life.


Custom and off-the-shelf options, pre and post surgery support, injury and athletics – minimize damage, speed your recovery and reduce pain.


Colman is proud to specialize in pediatric care – helping kids live better with solutions to suit every need and activity.

Great customer service!

The staff at Colman were very accommodating and friendly each time I’ve visited their location. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but they made sure I felt comfortable & knowledgeable about my options.

Cheryl T.

The staff at Colman are amazing!

From helping me get the correct fit in the back to the front reception, helping me understand the government billing system to booking me a followup appointment, always with a smile on their face!

Rose J.

Koodoos to Colman!

I have been a client for over 42 years. I couldn’t have asked for a better people to take charge of helping to make liveing more complete. I have always felt welcomed at every appointment just like a friend coming for a visit. I can’t say enough good things about the entire staff at Colman as they have always been very special people. to me

John S.

Always pleasant, professional and thorough!

I am always greeted when I arrive and courteously treated. Everyone from the front desk to the prosthetic staff are proffesional and trhey see to all my prosthetic needs during each and any visit. I can even keep in touch with them and receive service when I am out the country. That is great customer service.

Ivan H.

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